Multimodal transportation

An increasing demand for European goods and growing trade competition in the CIS have resulted in introduction of more efficient and rapid combined transporting schemes or multimodal transportation. Previously dominated direct auto transportation of large amounts from Europe to the CIS due to annually growing transportation expenses has become uncompetitive despite its time efficiency. Moreover, sometimes a direct transportation by one kind of transport, for example intercontinental shipping “from door to door”, could be even impossible.

Another well-known way of transportation is by railway transport. On the other hand, some difficulties appear because European railway gauge is more narrow (1435 mm.) than one of the CIS countries (1520 mm.). Moreover, tracks influence types of rail wagons and appropriate tariffs, set by railroad administration.  For example, a tariff for cargo wagon within Europe is higher and the transportation time is slower than auto transportation in the EU.

Pursuant to the mentioned above, JSC “Primorus” provides a multimodal transportation by land or sea, delivering goods to consolidation points (custom terminals) on the CIS border in order to load the rail wagons and send them to destination after passing a custom procedure. Here are the most often multimodal transportation schemes offered by the JSC “Primorus”:

  1. Cargo from Europe to the CIS (and vice versa): auto transport → warehouse → railway
  2. Cargo from the USA and Europe to the CIS: sea transport → warehouse → railway
  3. Non standard transportation: sea transport → warehouse → auto transport→ warehouse → railway.
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