Series 918*****

Isothermal, closed wagon with number code from 918 and 908. The mentioned wagons are transformed from ex thermos wagons and, due to a heating layer, mounted between an internal and an external wall, a perpetual temperature could be maintained inside. Heating body protection allows transporting cargo that is sensitive to atmosphere changes, for example food, drinks, paints, etc.

Isothermal wagon with a heating layer between an internal and an external wall. Series 918***** Indicators
Carrying capacity: 50-53 t.
Volume: 138 m3
Capacity of Euro pallets in a single dec: 51 units
Measures of wagon body inside (length /width/ height): 20,44 / 2,60 / 2,55 m.
Doors dimensions (width/ height): 2,25 / 2,05 m.

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