Warehouse services

Please, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Cargo transshipping;
  2. Cargo storage, assortment, pelleting and labeling;
  3. Representation in customs, railway stations and other institutions;
  4. Registration of cargo and covering documents;
  5. Services of surveyor ;
  6. Additional cargo insurance.

In terms of multimodal transportation one of the most important stages is cargo transshipping and a duly preparing of documentation. It is this particular stage that seeks special attention to each detail, as improper transshipped cargo and incorrect documentation causes long and costly negative aftermath.

In the current stage “Primorus” personnel is fully in charge of your cargo that allows to guarantee a professional preparing of necessary documentation and expeditious sending of your shipment. When transporting from European countries to the CIS, we consolidate cargos in warehouse located in Vilnius, but loading and registering of documentation could be performed in other cities upon client’s request. The process will be supervised by our specialists personally.

Due to a rich experience some reliable custom warehouses are selected from the network, thus providing professional loading services within closed warehouses and also open grounds. Warehouses are supplied with railway branch lines, allowing to receive cargo from arrive/departure wagons, containers or land transport. Professional personnel will represent your interests in railway stations and customs; also will prepare all necessary covering documentation. In order to ensure your safety we offer services of an independent expert surveyor, also cargo insurance.

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