Freight Forwarding by Rail

We offer following freight forwarding by rail services:

  1. Payments for railway tariffs in Europe and CIS;
  2. Freight forwarding by container trains Vikingas, TIS, Saulė, Merkurijus;
  3. Cargo shipments by rented wagons (series 918*****, 5*******) and others;
  4. Cargo shipment from Europe to CIS and Baltic countries with reloading to widely tracked wagonloads in railway stations in Brest, Čop, Šeštokai;
  5. Oversized cargos transportation, fastening schemes co-ordination with the Lithuanian and other railroad administrations;
  6. Additional cargo insurance.

Why railroad is the optimal way? This type of transportation is slow, unsafe and difficult to control, compared to auto transportation that is the best option! Is that true? Professionals of the JSC “Primorus” challenge it for the following reasons:

  • Railway transportation is safe as we avoid human driving factor, a wagon won’t turn wrong direction and won’t stray from railroad, also won’t  be caught in forest without any possibility to call for a help due to staying out of connection area. Moreover, any possibility to vanish into thin air (often happens in case of transportation of valuable cargo by trucks) is eliminated absolutely.

*All rail wagons run according to the plan, set by railroad administration. Each wagon has its code number; information on its current location and function is available at any time.

  • Railway transportation is slow. Is that often true? There is no possibility for a wagon to be lost or its tire to be let. Moreover, wagons couldn’t be glued in severe cross-border queues or traffic jams during rush hours. Wagons run 24/7 regardless of weather conditions.

Our time of strict competition imposes one more important factor to be mentioned considering transportation type – its expanses. Capacity of railway wagons is by 2-3 folds higher than one of a truck. Further on, there are wagons of different loading capacity (from 120  to 250 , so it is obvious that railway transportation of heavy or capacious cargo could save up to 30 percent of your expanses.

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